Advanced transmission coolers

Advanced Transmission Coolers: Enhancing Your Vehicle’s Performance

Advanced Transmission Coolers 101

As performance vehicle enthusiasts, we’re all in search of the key factors that can boost our vehicle’s performance, prolongevity, and the overall driving experience. One such component that often gets overlooked is the transmission cooler. In this regard, allow Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in Spartanburg, SC to make things clear. Our specialty lies in transmission repair and auto maintenance. But today, we want to shed light on the importance of advanced transmission coolers in the world of high-performance vehicles.

What are Advanced Transmission Coolers, and Why are They Crucial?

Advanced transmission coolers are typically add-ons or upgrades to the standard cooling device on your vehicles. They play a significant role in maintaining your transmission’s health by keeping its temperature under control during high-stress situations, such as towing, climbing steep hills, or even speedy highway cruises.

High-performance vehicles tend to produce more heat than regular cars. As a result, you need an advanced cooler to cool down your transmission fluid, which can otherwise break down and not lubricate effectively, leading to premature wear and damage. Here are few more reasons why advanced transmission coolers are crucial:

  • They help maximize the lifespan of the transmission system.
  • They can boost your vehicle’s overall efficiency.
  • They prevent overheating, reducing the risk of a breakdown.

How Do Advanced Transmission Coolers Enhance Performance?

They key for high-performance vehicles is to maintain optimal operating temperatures. Advanced transmission coolers help in achieving this by efficiently dissipating heat. Here’s how these coolers contribute to performance enhancement:

  • Less Heat: The primary purpose of these coolers is to reduce heat. Less heat means less wear and tear on the transmission, thereby enhancing its performance and life span.
  • Improved Fuel Economy: A cooler, more efficiently running transmission can also contribute to improved fuel economy. This is especially beneficial for high-performance vehicles that tend to consume more fuel.
  • Enhanced Towing Ability: For those who use their performance vehicles for towing, an advanced cooler can increase your towing capacity by preventing the transmission from overheating.

How to Choose the Right Advanced Transmission Cooler

When it comes to choosing the best advanced transmission cooler for your vehicle, consider the following factors:

  • Size: The cooler’s size must align with your vehicle’s transmission requirements. Larger coolers are generally more efficient but ensure it fits your vehicle.
  • Cooler Type: There are several types of coolers available, each offering different ways of cooling the fluid. These include tube-and-fin coolers, stacked plate coolers, and plate-and-fin coolers. Your choice should depend on your vehicle’s transmission needs and specifications.
  • Brand: Consider brands that are reputable and known for quality products. Doing so assures you of reliability and efficiency.

At Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, we can guide you in selecting the right advanced transmission cooler tailored to your vehicle’s needs and preferences.


Advanced transmission coolers are an essential component to consider, especially if you steer high-performance vehicles. They not only enhance your vehicle’s performance but also save from potential damages and maintenance costs in the long run.

Trust the professionals at Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care to provide a wide range of quality advanced transmission coolers and expert advice. With our expertise in transmission repair and auto maintenance, we’re here to ensure that you’re always in safe hands. Let us help you boost your vehicle performance and deliver an exceptional driving experience.