Car Owner’s Manual Help: Give It A Read

Your Car Owner’s Manual Is A Wealth Of Information

You’re driving down the road when you notice a light on the instrument panel: It’s the letter “B.” What exactly does that mean? A comment on your driving? Is it something serious? Should you pull over, or can it wait until you get home and call your local repair center?

Or, you’re driving on the first cold day of the year and you notice your engine seems to be running faster than it used to on this stretch of road. The transmission isn’t upshifting properly. What could be wrong?

What type of engine oil does your car take? How often should you have it changed? Where’s the jack and how do you use it?

If you’ve ever run into questions like these about your car, chances are you never read your car owner’s manual. What’s an owners manual? It’s that book in your glove compartment; the new one that no one’s ever opened. And that’s too bad because it includes a wealth of information about how to get the most out of your car.

Need to reset your clock? It’ll show you how. Not sure how to get your windows to defrost properly? It’s in there. There are even sections that’ll provide you with tips and instructions on what to do if you get stuck, start to skid on a slippery road, and more.

Helpful Car Specifications

The car owner’s manual provides a detailed explanation of every light, button, dial, and gauge on your dash. It’ll show you how to jump start the battery and change a tire. And it provides you with a detailed maintenance schedule for every system on your car, to help you keep it on the road and running right for miles and miles.

So what are you waiting for? Open the glove compartment and take the owners manual for a spin. Look through the headings: You’ll find sections that cover virtually everything you ever wanted to know about your car. And you’ll probably discover that some of your assumptions about driving and caring for it were way off base.

Have a question about something that’s covered in your owners manual? Drop by your local Cottman center; the technicians there will be happy to help clarify anything you find confusing. And they’ll help you work out a maintenance schedule that’ll keep your car running great for years to come.