Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care Reveals Crucial Vehicle Upkeep Tips for National Car Care Month National Decrease in Auto Sales Prompts Expert Transmission and Car Care Franchise to Share Maintenance Knowledge with Customers

HORSHAM, Pa. – More and more Americans are choosing to forego buying new cars in favor of maintaining the vehicles they already own, leading to an increased need for both personal car care know-how and the superior services offered by local shops such as Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care.

In honor of National Car Care Month, Cottman today released a list of maintenance tips to help consumers improve both their personal auto upkeep skills and the longevity of their cars in the process:

Inspect Tires

Tires not only impact safety, performance and mileage, but they’re also a key indicator of a car’s overall condition and require regular inspection to ensure they’re performing their best. Worn down tires provide less traction, which can lead to accidents and costly repairs. If you’re at home and want to check if your tires’ tread is safe but don’t have a tread depth gauge, a penny will do. Place the penny in a tire groove with Abe Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, you need new tires. If you find that your tires’ tread-wear is uneven, this may be indicative of issues with inflation, alignment or suspension. A visit to your local Cottman shop can help determine the cause of the issue.

Check Fluids

Fluids are critical to any vehicle’s function and allow the machinery in your car to run smoothly. Five fluids that should be checked regularly include engine oil, coolant, power steering, brake and windshield washer fluid. If you have an older car, opt for a higher viscosity engine oil, or high mileage oil for better performance. Also, pay close attention to the ground where your car is normally parked, as this is a good way to check for any potential leakage. If you spot a leak, taking your car into the shop for preventative maintenance will help ensure your vehicle lasts for the long haul.

Consult the Manual

The ownership manual tucked away in your glove compartment often contains the keys to your peace of mind as a car owner, including information such as the necessary intervals for monitoring fluids, changing tires or checking brakes. If you have any questions about your owner’s manual or need help interpreting its instructions, your local Cottman Man can help you define meaning within the manual and empower you to keep your current car running like new.

“Now more than ever, we know our customers are looking to keep their cars running smoothly for as long as possible,” said Randy Wright, president of Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care. “National Car Care Month is a great time of year to take the time to learn more about your car and what it needs to stay strong. It’s also a great opportunity to recommit to a regular maintenance schedule. Our locations are valued resources in each community they serve and we look forward to continuing to be the go-to car shop for auto owners.”

For drivers interested in additional car care tips, the brand has produced several series of informational videos starring both the Cottman Man and the Transmission Physician. The educational videos were released as a resource for relevant consumer preventative and proactive car care tips.

To view The Cottman Man Educational Video Series, visit, while the Transmission Physician Video Series can be found at And, to learn more about Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, please visit

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